Waterfall of Sunset (Yuuhi-no-taki)

Address Yagurazawa, Minamiashigara

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This waterfall has its origin in Mt. Kintoki. It falls on Uchikawa river, and flows into Sakawa river later on. The waterfall is 23 meters high and 5 meters wide. It is the point of contact between the old, soft strata of the Ashigara group, and the lava flows in the strata of the Hakone volcano. It is believed that the waterfall was created a long time ago, when the soft strata of the Ashigara group eroded. According to legend, it was this waterfall where Kintaro, or Sakata Kintoki, had his first bath. The name “Waterfall of Sunset” is said to refer to the strength of the waterfall, and the way the sun sinks into the top of the waterfall at sunset every year on January 15. Near the waterfall there is a camping area and outdoor facilities that are visited by a lot of people. On the first Sunday of every July the opening ceremony “Yuuhi-no-takibiraki” is held to pray for a safe summer season.

Access Information

Take the train, bus, or Daiyuzan Line of the Izuhakone Railway to "Jizodo". From there it is a 15-minute walk 

By car: a 20-minute drive from the Oimatsuda IC (Tomei Expressway)